Some people never expect problems in sites like this one literature site, known as Creepypasta Wiki. But that's just an expectation, as we are going to give you the most notable incidents that happened and even affected the site. One of the incidents apply to CP Wiki's sister wiki, Spinpasta.

10: SPW Ban List:

9: Maria Demotion

8: Anarchy Protest Incident

7: Notable users that passed away

6. Notable Administration Incidents: Linkstar Fued, Power Abuse, etc.

5. CPWC Invasions: Disney, Spanish, etc.

4. User Misconduct: 

3. Notable Pasta Deletions of 2014: Sonic.exe

2. The Wisconsin Stabbing Incident

1. Creepypasta Wiki Depression and Chat Shutdowns: Drama, Storms, etc.

Honerable Mentions:

False Accusation of 10/26/2014.

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